Studwise is the Manufacturer and Supplier of superior quality Mining Machinery Wear Protection products – Wear Resistant Studs, FAStuds and Stud Welding Units. Studwise has been in the mining industry for over 26 years and is the Worldwide Distributor of top-quality Mining Machinery Wear-resistant Products compatible with multiple mining equipment and other applications under duress. Our Mining Machinery Wear Protection Supplies can extend the life of mining machinery equipment up to ten times longer than traditional protection systems and have been fitted to all types of machinery components used in open pit and underground mines, quarries and ore preparation plants. Studwise products provide maximum Mining Machinery Wear Protection while maximising loading and carrying capabilities of digging, crushing and hauling equipment. Studwise targets Mining Operations with Mining Machinery Wear Protection problems throughout the world.

The Studwise product represents state of the art Wear Resistant Technology designed for the toughest of conditions where Mining Machinery Wear Protection is essential. Field operations in iron ore, coal, mineral sands, gold and nickel ore bodies testify to the quality of this proven and cost-effective product. High in carbon and chromium, the Wearstuds are simply applied onsite with a welding gun which homogenously joins them to heavy wear areas on components of earth moving and fixed plant operations where Mining Machinery Wear Protection is required.

Studwise commenced manufacturing its Mining Machinery Wear Resistant Studs after extensive research to find the right material with excellent welding properties and high resistance to Abrasion and Impact. This was then trialled in those conditions in a Granite Quarry and Mineral Sands Operation which returned excellent results. These results have continued in Iron Ore, Sulphide Gold, Nickel, Bauxite and Coal Mining Operations.

Studwise Mining Machinery Wearstuds are cost saving, versatile, incredibly durable and able to withstand the toughest mining conditions. Studwise Mining Machinery Wear Protection supplies are extremely competitive and used by high-end mining operations, including BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Alcoa. They are 4 times faster to apply than wear plates and conventional hard plating thereby minimizing downtime and maximizing production time. The purpose-built Studwise Mining Machinery Protection Welding Unit enables fittings to be performed onsite, wherever and whenever the need arises. Training in the technique of stud welding is provided by Studwise.


Mining Machinery Equipment Protection
Wear Studs fully protect the host with a ‘Rock Box’ unequalled by existing market alternatives. Coupled with superior wear resistance, Studwise Wearstuds can extend the life of your equipment five to ten times longer than traditional mining machinery protection systems.
Cost Savings
By applying our Mining Machinery Wearstuds, you not only prolong the life of your equipment, you can reduce your monetary expenditure by thousands in the process.
Reduced Downtime
Wear Studs are easily applied with a welding gun. The area needing Mining Machinery Wear Protection can be covered in a few hours, rather than the several days required by conventional hardfacing methods.
Better Application
Heat is limited to the small weld zone around our Mining Machinery Wearstuds, thereby reducing the possibility of heat distortion to the parent metal.
Built Tough
The Studwise Wear Studs for Mining Machinery Wear Protection contain high levels of carbon and chromium. This not only ensures they homogenously join to heavy wear areas; it also makes them incredibly durable and able to withstand the toughest mining conditions.
Proven Protection
Field operations in Iron Ore, Coal, Mineral Sands, Gold and Nickel Ore bodies have and continue to testify to the quality of our proven and cost-effective Mining Machinery Wear Protection Supplies.
Shock Loads
Individual Wear Studs for mining machinery allow the host material to flex under impact situations, thereby distributing the stress throughout rather than being rigid.
Weight Advantage
Studwise Mining Machinery Wear Studs provide a weight advantage up to 10:1 over steel plate of the same profile.
Easy to maintain
Wear Studs provide an early visual indicator of the need for stud replacement, which reduces the need for wear checks. In addition, areas of extremely high wear can be re-protected by simply applying a Studwise Mining Machinery Wear Stud on top of the worn stud.
Increased safety
Studwise Wear Studs significantly reduce the number of maintenance hours spent for Mining Machinery Equipment Wear Resistance Protection, minimising the risk of injury to personnel.
Latest Technology
The Studwise patent-protected X-Stud with re-enforced technology and maximum integrity for Mining Machinery Wear Resistance Protection is revolutionary and exclusive to Studwise.

Studwise has been supplying mining companies worldwide with Mining Machinery Wear Protection Supplies for over 26 years. Our ever-increasing client base continues to be extremely impressed by the effectiveness of our Mining Machinery Wear Resistance Protection Products. Contact us at Studwise today for your Mining Machinery Wear Protection Supplies.