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About us

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Manufacturers, Suppliers and Fitters of Wear Resistant Studs for Mining Operations.

Managing Director – involved in Mining Wear Maintenance for 28 years. Graeme Johnson has been involved with assessing and correcting Wear Prone Areas on Mining Components throughout Australia and many Overseas Operations.

PA/Office Manager – Romaine joined Studwise 2 years ago, coming from a successful manufacturing company, to assist with running the business and keep daily operations moving smoothly.


Studwise continues to be involved with major and also smaller mining operations to give Crushing Components the maximum protection while maximising loading and carrying capabilities of digging and hauling equipment. Check our ‘News’ pages for updates.


1991, Studwise commenced manufacturing its Wear Resistant Studs after extensive research to find the right material with excellent welding properties and high resistance to Abrasion and Impact. This was then trialled in those conditions in a Granite Quarry and Mineral Sands Operation which returned excellent results. These results have continued in Iron Ore, Sulphide Gold, Nickel, Bauxite and Coal Mining Operations.


Mining Operations with Wear Problems throughout the world.




Very Impressive Technology.

– G. Hatimbula

❝ Australia

We now have an extra 1.4 million tonne of material movement per annum without an increase in cost.

–  D. Tomison

❝ India

This is what we required a long time ago.

– P. Korrapati


Address: Unit 3/8 Strang Street, Beaconsfield 

Western Australia, 6162

Phone: +61 411 604 457