Studwise Innovative Technology


Studwise Wear Studs are applied in a staggered, closely arranged lattice pattern controlling the flow of material over the work surface. The Wear Studs are fused to the metal surface of equipment creating a ‘Rock Box’ effect. When the equipment is in operation, debris is held between the studs.

Installation Options

Studwise Agent Workshop
Components can be sent to our agents’ workshops marked with the required areas for protection.


For larger components that are difficult or costly to transport, Studwise Agents offers onsite fittings.

Our purpose-built Studwise Welding Unit enables fittings to be performed onsite, wherever and whenever the need arises. Training in the art of stud welding is provided by Studwise.

3-Step Application Process

  • Fit the Stud into the Chuck of the gun and place the Ferrule onto the grip.
  • Position the Stud on the spot it is to be welded.
  • Pull the trigger. The Stud will plunge into the molten area of the work plate and the molten metals solidify almost instantly, fusing the metals in a permanent bond. When a stud finally wears down, simply fuse a new Wear Stud on top of the worn Stud (no need to grind off the old stud).


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