Studwise Innovative Technology

Mobile Equipment


Studwise Wearstuds are used to preserve the structure and integrity of the Buckets. They are used where the Frontline action takes place while minimising dead weight, hence maximising loading capability.


Studwise Wearstuds are used to even Wear over plated surfaces of the Blade, Cheeks and Push Arms. Cutting Edge Life can be extended by 4 X’s.

Drag Lines

Studwise wearstuds are used to minimise Stress and shock Load effects of these enormous Buckets. Each Stud is an individual component thereby allowing the Bucket to flex under impact whereas added Wear Plate stiffens the Bucket so stress loads are not dispersed. Cracking of weld joints occurs..


Using Studwise Wearstuds on GET in lighter and looser material (Mineral Sands, Limestone) can give 3 X’s Life of these components.


Studwise Wearstuds give a weight advantage of 10 to 1 over wear plate of same profile, greatly enhancing material carrying capability.

Surface Miners

Studwise Wearstuds resist the massive wear on these stressed working barrels.


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